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    Calming Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter

    Calming Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter

    If you have ever used a body butter personally, then you know they have a kind of decadence to them that is above a regular lotion.

    If you haven't used body butter before, it is more of a whipped lotion that feels amazing, and leaves your skin very happy and moisturized. It gives you more of a spoiled feel, like a spa treatment than just a normal lotion.

    Lavender grapefruit calming body butter, great for the kids before bed, or mom!

    I used to think making them seemed like it would be far too complicated to bother with until I came across a recipe for one when I was researching essential oils.

    This particular recipe is designed to help calm you. You can use it on yourself before bedtime, or on your kids as well. Naptime, after a bath, or just for general calm in the middle of when they are wound up is good, and you don’t have to tell them that’s what it’s for!

    The body butter recipe uses just a few ingredients and they are all-natural ones that you can feel good about using. No artificial or toxic ingredients, and adding essential oils for the scent works two ways in your favor: you get the aromas and the bonus of their calming benefits.

    The lavender in this is added for its calming properties, and many people use it for bedtime already. It will give you a sense of overall balance and well-being, and help you get a good night’s sleep.

    The grapefruit is also calming but gives a happy and satisfied feeling as well. The scent of the two of these oils combined is heavenly! 



    • Glass jar/s with lids for storage, either 2- 2 oz. or 1 - 4 oz. size.
    • 2 oz. raw cocoa butter
    • 6 oz. coconut oil
    • 8 drops grapefruit essential oil
    • 10 drops lavender essential oil

    calming lavender grapefruit body butter



    Using a double boiler to melt your base ingredients is the best way to go with this recipe. Fill the bottom half 2/3 full of water and place over medium-high heat, then place on the top half.

    Measure out your coconut oil and place in top pot of boiler.

    If your cocoa butter needs chopping, go ahead and chop up enough, measure it out, and then add into the pot as well.

    Once you see the water beginning to boil, turn it down to low heat. It is easy to burn the ingredients if you’re not careful and they do melt quickly once the water gets nice and hot, so it doesn’t take long.

    Once they are melted and clear in color all the way, with no lumps in them, you can pull them off the heat. Pour them into a glass bowl that has some extra room for mixing, and place it in the refrigerator.

    Check on them every 10 minutes or so, and after about 30 minutes they will look somewhat opaque, and you can pull them out.

    Take either a whisk, or a hand mixer and whip them until it is creamy in consistency. It doesn’t take too long to get them this way. It will thicken up, and get lumpy in the process but don’t worry too much with the lumps just yet, just get them nice and white and creamy.

    Then, place back in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes or so. If you leave them too long they will harden further so make sure you set a timer so you can add your essential oils without any difficulty. 

    Now, remove them from the refrigerator and add in your essential oils, carefully adding the drops. Both of these oils are thin and runny in consistency and will easily run out of the bottle quickly if you’re not careful.

    Stir in the oils well to blend, making sure to stir to remove all the lumps. A rubber spatula can be used to flatten them if you need to. Whip the butter until it reaches a point of forming stiff peaks.

    When the butter forms stiff peaks, you are done!

    Transfer the butter to your jars and add a nice label if you are giving as a gift.

    If you don’t plan to use it right away and you live in a warmer climate, store the body butter in the refrigerator. 

    This lavender body butter makes a luxurious gift for family or friends!


    DIY Essential Oils Stinky Shoe Spray

    DIY Essential Oils Stinky Shoe Spray

    Are you tired of stinky shoes smelling up your closets and cars? This five ingredient DIY spray will help fix the stinky shoe problem in no time. 

    Kids live in their flip flops and crocs during summer months, but once school is back in session they spend their days in closed up shoes and covered in socks all day.

    stinky shoe spray made with essential oils

    That can lead to some pretty stinky pretty shoes after a while.  The men of the house tend to have this stinky shoe syndrome too (year round) and while I hate to admit it even our pretty shoes (especially boots) can get a little musty.

    I have pulled out my essential oils, pretty much the answer to everything to solve this problem.  With only three essential oils ingredients you can kill the bacteria that build up in shoes, leaving them fresh and ready for the next wearing ( it’s also great for gym bags, lunch boxes, and backpacks too).

    The combination of witch hazel and essential oils create a shoe spray that is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal- it really works!

    stinky shoe spray with essential oils

    You will need:

    • 2 oz.  distilled water
    • 2 oz. witch hazel
    • 8 drops tea tree essential oil
    • 8 drops peppermint essential oil
    • 8 drops lavender essential oil

    You will also need a 4 oz. spray bottle.


    • Pour water and witch hazel into your bottle using a small funnel or measuring cup with a pouring lip if needed.
    • Add tea tree, peppermint, and lavender essential oils.
    • Replace spray cap and swirl to combine ingredients.

    stinky shoe spray made with essential oils

    Using a dark glass bottle is best, the oils can erode plastic over time and the dark color helps keep your essential oils protected from light and losing their potency.

    stinky shoe spray made with essential oils

    To use:

    Shake bottle before each use.

    Spray shoes well to slightly dampen and allow to dry. This is a great nighttime ritual and your shoes will be fresh and dry the next morning.

    DIY stinky shoe spray made with essential oils. Great for fall sports.

    DIY Beard Oil with Essential Oils

    DIY Beard Oil with Essential Oils

    Is beard oil essential? Apparently so. According to The Huffington Post:

    Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath. Beard oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent.

    DIY Beard Oil with essential oils The Oil CollectionNaturally the skin flakes and these flakes "catch" in a beard. Using beard oil keeps the skin moisturized and also tames fly-away beard hair. Instead of purchasing beard oil you can make it yourself with only a few ingredients. 


    • 1 Ounce Oil Base (Vitamin E, Jojoba, etc.)
    • 2 Drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
    • 2 Drops Orange Essential Oil
    • 1 Drop Nutmeg Essential Oil

    DIY Beard Oil from The Oil Collection


    1. You will need either a dropper or spray bottle that’s around 2 ounces in size.
    2. Combine all ingredients into bottle and shake well.
    3. The spray bottle was my option because it allows men to spray it onto their beard however, the dropper can be useful as well but the amount used will differ between each man and shouldn’t be more than a dropper full.
    4. You can other scents if you prefer, just make sure the amount you use is safe and will not burn the skin.

    DIY Beard Oil with essential oils from The Oil Collection

    DIY Non-Toxic Bug Repellent Candle with Essential Oils

    Summer is coming and in most places, that means outdoor challenges like insects. Whether you have an outdoor patio or go on camping trips, bug repellent is something you will need to use.

    If you are an essential oil user, making your own is very simple to do with just a few oils, and the best part is its non-toxic. It’s also very easy to add it to candles to help prevent the bugs from surrounding you.

    If you’ve never made candles before, it is not as daunting of a task as it seems. Your local craft store should carry a pre-formulated paraffin wax, which makes it very easy. It comes in a brick form and you can buy it in different amounts, depending on how many you are planning to make.

    DIY Bug Repellent Candle with Essential Oils from The Oil Collection

    Find a cute upcycled glass jar or a small tin (for travel size), get your out your essential oils, and have fun! 

    What you will need:

    • Glass jar with lid, in a 6 to 8 oz. size/or small tins with lids
    • Digital thermometer
    • 12 drops peppermint essential oil
    • 13 drops cedarwood essential oil
    • 10 drops lemon essential oil
    • 8 drops lemongrass essential oil
    • 2 bricks preformulated paraffin wax
    • Wick with clip at the bottom
    • Wax adhesive if you choose, but not necessary
    • Double boiler 

    Want easy to print directions for this DIY Bug Repellent Candle? Add your email address below and we'll have one in your inbox in a few minutes. 


    First, fill your double boiler bottom with water close to half full, then place one paraffin wax brick in the top half, (you will just need to save the second one for later.)

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    Place over medium to high heat, and as it heats up and begins to boil, turn it down to a low simmer. Be careful not to burn the wax. The wax packaging should have temperature instructions on it for you to follow, so be sure to read over them before it gets going too long on the heat. Also remember to place your thermometer in the wax after a couple of minutes.

    While you’re waiting for the wax to melt, attach your wick to the bottom of the jar, so you have it ready. You can attach it in one of two ways: Either use the wax adhesive if you bought some, to adhere it, (I used a spoon to scoop a little bit out of the container and then used the handle of the spoon to press the clip down and attach it.)

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    If you don’t have the adhesive then just place a few drops of the hot wax as it’s melting, into the bottom of your jar and then use the thermometer or spoon handle to push and hold the clip down.

    Once your wax is melted and all clear in color, check the temperature to see if it needs to cool off a little bit before pouring. If it does, just remove it from the heat, then go ahead and stir half of the drops of your essential oils into the wax, stirring well. Adding the oils now will also help it cool faster. If the temperature is already fine, add your oils as it is on the burner still and stir.

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    Next, pour your wax into the jar slowly, using every bit of the brick up, which should be about halfway up the jar.

    If you are using a small jar, you may not need the second bricks and you can just split up the wax in this one. Fill it to about halfway, and take the rest of the wax off the heat until you need it later.

    If you are making small tins of candles, have them laid out and ready to fill, there will be no middle step in the process like there are with the jars.

    If you have trouble getting your wick to stay straight up in the center of the candle as you’re pouring it, you may need to attach it to something above the jar to help you out. I used a ruler and a clothespin to hold it in place above the jar. (See photo.)

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    Run the wick through a hole in the ruler, then clip it in place, and it will stay in that spot for you while it sets up.

    Allow the wax to cool for about 30 minutes, then use a sharp tool to poke a few holes in the wax, around the wick, to release any trapped air that can get in there when you filled it. (This is the step you’ll skip for the tins.)

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    Now it’s time to reheat the remainder of the wax for a smaller jar, or your other full brick, over low to medium heat. When it’s melted, add in the other half of the drops of your oils, and slowly top off the rest of the candle, filling in the holes you made. You will want to fill the jar all the way to the top.

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    Let it cool off for a few hours to be sure it’s all ready before putting on a lid. The bottom of the jar should be all cooled when it is ready. Lastly, all you need to do is trim the wick to about ¼” in length, and you can use your candle!

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent Candle The Oil Collection

    These candles make perfect summertime gifts so make several at a time so you can keep a few for yourself and give a few away to your neighbors!

    DIY Essential Oils Bug Repellent



    The Oil Collection coupon

    Ten Essential Oils Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

    essential oils stocking stuffers

    Christmas is coming and all of us have at least one friend who loves essential oils. Who doesn't need a little peace and calming this time of year?

    From Secret Santa's to office gift exchanges to special gifts for your downline, these affordable aromatherapy accessories are sure to please even the hardest person to shop for this holiday season. 

    All these aromatherapy gifts are priced under $30 and many of them are under $10! 

    essential oils stocking stuffers budget friendly

    After searching the internet and trying many of these essential oil products ourselves  we've compiled ten of our favorite essential oils gifts and they all are under $20! These gifts are perfect for stockings, secret santa presents, under the tree, and more. 

    Aromatherapy Necklace with Leaf Charm

    diffuser necklace essential oils from The Oil Collection

    You can't go wrong giving this beautiful diffuser necklace as a gift! You can diffuse your oils all day long when you wear diffuser jewelry. Just add a drop of oil to the pad and place in the locket. Your oils will be nearby at all times. 

    Essential Oil Travel Bag

    Essential Oils Stocking Stuffers

    With this essential oil travel bag you can take up to 10 oils with you in your purse!  The individual mesh pockets provide each bottle gets their own pocket so no oils are rolling around or banging into each other. Keep your Essential Oils safe also make you easy to identify the oil bottles.

    Essential Oil Car Diffuser

    Diffuse in your car with this aromatherapy car diffuserReduce air pollution in your car while driving so you can breathe clean air. Simply add up to 5 - 10 drops of lavender, eucalyptus & lemon therapeutic grade essential oils to the vent clip felt pad to help you lesson your exposure to pollutants so you can enjoy the ride, Add some calming essential oils to reduce stress with commuting, children in the car and more.

    Diffuser Bracelet Set

    pair of aromatherapy bracelets diffuser jewelry

    Diffuse on the go with this braided diffuser bracelet set. Place a drop of oil inside the bracelet and you can take your oils with you no matter where you go. This casual braided style is great for teens and adults. We like to layer them with other bracelets for a fun look! 

    Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

    essential oil gifts for Christmas

    These stainless steel drinking straws are perfect for drinking water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. These hypoallergenic straws won't react with your oils and are reusable! 

    Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Roller Balls

    essential oils gifts

    These glass roll-on bottles are perfect for use with essential oils. Use the roll-on bottle to apply the perfect amount of product each time. The Amber glass provides protection from potentially harmful light and the convenient size makes it perfect for travel.

    Aromatherapy Jewelry Refill Pads

    aromatherapy jewelry

    If you already have diffuser jewelry these refill pads are the perfect stocking stuffer. Includes 25 pads for use in diffuser necklaces. 

    Essential Oils Keychain

    aromatherapy keychain for essential oils

    With this TSA approved keychain you can take your oils anywhere! Includes extra diffuser pads

    Essential Oils Bottle Labels 

    essential oils bottle labels

    These custom labels fit 10ML bottles. 

    Stainless Steel Wrap Braceletaromatherapy jewelry

    This diffuser wrap bracelet is slightly over our $20 budget, but it's so beautiful we had to include it! Diffuse your favorite essential oils all day long in this hypoallergenic bracelet with double wrap leather band. Comes in rose gold or stainless finish and a variety of bands. Save 25% on your stainless purchase with the code BESTGIFTS. 

    Don't forget to subscribe for all the best deals, access to secret sales, and be the first to know about new products. Plus save 20% on your first order, just because we think you're awesome. 

    10 essential oil stocking stuffers for under $20

    Amazing essential oils budget friendly stocking stuffers for your friends and family. Most gift ideas are under $20!