Lavender Essential Oil June 12, 2018 06:33

Lavender essential oil is probably the most popular and widely known essential oil of all. The first thing you may think of is calming when you hear its name. It has been used all over the globe for its calming effects but has many other health benefits you may not know about.

In Latin, it means “to wash” and this is appropriate for it as it has antiseptic properties and is regenerative.

If there is any one oil you should never be without, it's lavender! Its many uses range from not only calming and cleansing but much more.

Be sure when purchasing lavender to get a pure form of the oil and not one that has fillers or perfumes. If the bottle says it’s not for any use other than aromatherapy or not to ingest it, then it has something added to it and it may tend to have a perfume-y smell, which can be toxic and lead to health issues for you. It should have a floral but calm aroma, not a strong overpowering one.

Lavender can be best described as being calming, healing, regenerative, powdery, floral and light.

The essential oil itself is extracted by steam distillation of the flowers and this helps preserve its properties and gives us many benefits from it.

It was used in ancient times by the Egyptians and the Romans for many things such as bathing and relaxation, cooking and perfumes.

Much scientific research has been done on the effects and benefits of lavender and it has been found to be effective for soothing occasional skin irritations, reducing anxious feelings, promoting peaceful sleep and helping to ease tension plus much, much more.

Its main constituents are: linalool, a-terpineol, linalyl acetate, and b- ocimene.

Lavender is mostly commonly used as a; sedative, astringent, antihistamine,  antispasmodic, antidepressant, analgesic, hypotensive, relaxing, soothing, and  antibacterial.

When blending lavender essential oil with other essential oils, it blends very well with clary sage, orange, peppermint and frankincense.

Top Uses for Lavender Essential Oil:


Use lavender topically on the area of concern in relation to soothe and promote healing of tissue. For dry or unbalanced skin, apply topically to areas or add a few drops to your daily moisturizer and use in your daily regimen.

For cuts, wounds, and blisters use topically, along with a carrier oil if desired. This will help cleanse and help the regenerative process.

Use to soothe occasional minor skin irritations by topical use on affected areas.

Using in your daily routine by adding to moisturizer, or cleanser will help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. 


Diffuse at bedtime, or inhale deeply by placing a few drops in the palms of your hands and rubbing them together, then cupping over nose and mouth.

Place a drop or two on your pillow, or on your wrists and temples. Also can be used by placing on the bottom of your feet, particularly your big toe to help calm mind chatter and help with restful sleep.

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Add a few drops to bath or shower routine, in the bath water, or into your soap before bed.

To help with teeth grinding, diffuse or inhale and also apply topically over heart and on back of neck.

Anxious feelings  

Use in a diffuser or inhale deeply out of palms of hands and apply over heart and back of neck as needed.

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Add 1 drop to a drop of vetiver essential oil topically to help ease and lighten mood and to help with focus and concentration.


Use to freshen cars, bedding, mattress or the air in general by diffusing lavender or adding to water in a spray bottle.


Use in cooking to add flavors to teas, marinades, baked goods and desserts. Also can be used to soften the taste of tart citrus flavors.

Seasonal relief 

Use in combination with peppermint and lemon to make a perfect blend to soothe seasonal issues and help relieve tightness of breathing.

You can diffuse or inhale it alone, or along with those two oils, as well as use topically over chest and throat, or dot alone sinuses or under nose. 

For a bonus and to help build immunity as well as help relieve seasonal issues, add a few drops of frankincense to the mixture.

Emotional balance  

Add a few drops to a diffuser or inhale from palms of hands deeply to take your body from feeling unheard to feeling expressed.

Lavender has so many uses, it should be a staple in your aromatherapy collection. 

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